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Recommended Actions:

  1. Evaluate recruitment and selection practices in light of the organization’s strategic objectives 
  2. Develop and implement a comprehensive workplace skills plan (with a thorough training needs analysis) 
  3. Implement a learnership strategy 
  4. Adopt or clarify occupational levels and category classifications 

Recommended Actions:
Identify appropriate policies, procedures and practices in respect of the following:
1.Career pathing
2.Performance appraisals
3.Employee development and learning
4.Reward Management (compensation and benefits)
5.Promotions and job assignments
1. Identification/ Analysis of the human resource situation based on the agency goals and objectives
2. Forecasting Human Resource Requirement
3.  Forecasting Human Resource Supply through Survey of the existing human resource profile and available manpower inventory within the agency and outside the agency
4.  Project available manpower resource and reconcile human resource requirement and supply forecast
5. Operation or action process determining overstaffing or understaffing levels and bridging the gap between the forecast and inventory are made
6. Evaluation and Re-planning

Evaluating and Re-planning

If overstaffing:                              
● Development of employee or reassignment to other units             
● Development of employees through training programs                     
● Direct employees to perform extra challenging work

If understaffing:                          
● Overtime can be resorted to produce expected output                   
● Develop staff to assume projected vacancies that will arise from goals/plans of the organization agency                   
● Acquire new staff if necessary through recruitment

Human Resource Planning Structure
2. Setting of Workforce
2.1 Identification of HR Plans and Programs
2.2 Policies
2.3 Human Resource Management System
2.3.1 Human Resources Recruitment Compensation and Benefits Industrial Relations Performance Management Training
2.3.2 Admin Services Camp Admin Office Admin

2. Setting of Workforce (Con’t)
2.4 Setting up of Organizational Structure
2.4.1 Job Analysis Demand Analysis Supply Analysis
       2.4.2 Table Organization Retrenchment Recruitment

3. Performance Management
3.1 Performance Evaluation
3.2 Training Needs Analysis
3.3 Employment Development

Bigger Challenges for Human Resource Planning
Preparing for Global Change
Satisfying the Stakeholders
Monetary Value to HR Activities
Remember the 4 Rs

Right Number  -Right Skills  - Right Time - Right Cost

Presented by Ir. Rr. Hermien Tridayanti, MM

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