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Presentation Overview

1. Human Resource and the Global Uncertainty
2. The External and Internal  Environment
3. Why organizations/businesses need a Strategic Human Resource Plan
4. Understand Demand Analysis and Supply Analysis
5. Understand the 3 Horizons of Human Resource Planning
6. Guidelines on  how to develop a Strategic Human Resource Plan
7. Understand the 5 Indicators of an Effective HR Plan.
7. Compare Government and Private Human Resource Planning Models.
8. Bigger Challenges for Human Resource Planning

Human Resource Planning

Global Uncertainty

The External & Internal Environment

External Environment

  1. Labor Department / Government Requirements
  2. Occupational Health and Safety
  3. Local Hiring
  4. Community Support

Internal Environment

  1. Financial effects of HR decisions on a Organization
    Layoffs and Hiring
    Acquisitions, Mergers and Restructuring
  2. HR effects the Production and value of the Organization
    -Socialize the employees into the organization
    -Do the people Understand, Accept and Comply

Why do we need Human Resource Planning?

1. It helps identity impact on the workforce
2. Helps manage cost effective planning
3. Aims to improve the organizational Structure
4. Helps encourage the range of skills of all employees
5. Historic HR Data improves the overall Human resource process and  procedures

How Do we Forecast Human Resources?

1.Examine the current and future composition of the workforce and workload
2.We need to consider the organization’s workforce, workload and competencies as integrated elements we also need SWOT Analysis

What is SWOT analysis? 
1. What does the company do well?
2. Is the company strong in its market?
3. Does the company have a strong sense of purpose and the culture to support the purpose?

1.What does the company do poorly?
2.What problems could be avoided?
3.Does the company have serious financial liabilities?

1.Are industry trends moving upward?
2.Do new markets exist for the company’s products/ services?
3.Are there new technologies that the company can exploit?

What are competitors doing well?
What obstacles does the company face?
Are there troubling changes in the company’s business environment (technologies, laws, and regulations)?

Factors in Analyzing Supply Demand
1.Review changes in work force demographics
2.Check all personnel Transaction Data
3.Projecting Demographic Data

4.Attrition forecasting

What is  compute  attrition rate percentage ?

= (No. of resignations + No. of transfers + No. of retirements) divided by No. of employees some organization have used to annual attrition assumption of  4.5% , but  this varies depending on the size of the organization, hiring, freezes, downsizing, or economic

What is Demand Analysis ?

Analysis and examines the current future activities  workloads, and the competency sets your workforce of the future you need.

How to perform  - We will have to consider shifts driven by changing work tasks and     technology. Of course even if none of those factors changes we will still have demand for more workers because of turnovers in current workforce.

The Demand Analysis generates: Quantitative data on anticipated workload and workforce changes during the planning period quantitative and qualitative data on future competency requirements.

Results of Demand Analysis
1. Establishes requirements for the organization’s future workforce  and workload
2. Leads to an assessment of competencies.

Workforce Planning methods 

  1. Collect a vast amount of data from National Statistics Office (NSO)that can help to conduct demand analysis. NSO data include employment projections, occupational outlook, demographic profiles, and much more.
  2. Some of the information should collected in Supply Analysis.
  3. Identify the Competencies Needed to Meet Demand. A key aspect of the assessing demand for human capital in the organization will be looking at the competencies in the organization to achieve its strategic goal. 
  4. Gather information in the variety ways: administering employee questionnaires, facilitating focus groups, and interviewing managers and employees.

Two Key Elements in Identifying Competencies
Two Key Elements in Identifying Competencies

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