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  1. Sebelum mengerjakan ujian, periksalah terlebih dulu, jumlah soal dan nomor halaman yang terdapat pada naskah soal. Naskah soal ini terdiri dari 13 halaman. 
  2. Tulislah nomor peserta Anda pada lembar jawaban di tempat yang disediakan. 
  3. Tulislah kode naskah soal ini, pada lembar jawaban di tempat yang disediakan. Kode naskah soal ini: 208
  4. Bacalah dengan cermat setiap petunjuk yang menjelaskan cara menjawab soal. 
  5. Pikirkanlah sebaik-baiknya sebelum menjawab tiap soal, karena setiap jawaban yang salah akan mengakibatkan pengurangan nilai (penilaian: benar +4, kosong 0, salah -1). 
  6. Jawablah lebih dulu soal-soal yang menurut Anda mudah, kemudian lanjutkan dengan menjawab soal-soal yang lebih sukar sehingga semua soal terjawab. 
  7. Tulislah jawaban Anda pada lembar jawaban ujian yang disediakan. 
  8. Untuk keperluan coret-mencoret, harap menggunakan tempat yang kosong pada naskah soal ini dan jangan pernah menggunakan lembar jawaban karena akan mengakibatkan jawaban Anda tidak dapat terbaca. 
  9. Selama ujian, Anda tidak diperkenankan bertanya atau meminta penjelasan mengenai soal-soal yang diujikan kepada siapapun, termasuk kepada pengawas ujian. 
  10. Setelah ujian selesai, Anda diharapkan tetap duduk di tempat Anda sampai pengawas ujian datang ke tempat Anda untuk mengumpulkan lembar jawaban. 
  11. Perhatikan agar lembar jawaban ujian tidak kotor, tidak basah, tidak terlipat, dan tidak sobek.

  • PETUNJUK A: Pilih satu jawaban yang paling tepat. 
  • PETUNJUK B: Soal terdiri dari 3 bagian, yaitu PERNYATAAN, kata SEBAB, dan ALASAN yang disusun berurutan. Pilihlah:
    (A) Jika pernyataan benar, alasan benar, dan keduanya menunjukkan hubungan sebab dan akibat
    (B) Jika pernyataan benar, alasan benar, tetapi keduanya tidak menunjukkan hubungan sebab dan akibat
    (C) Jika pernyataan benar dan alasan salah
    (D) Jika pernyataan salah dan alasan benar
    (E) Jika pernyataan dan alasan keduanya salah 
  • PETUNJUK C: Pilihlah:
    (A) Jika (1), (2), dan (3) yang benar
    (B) Jika (1) dan (3) yang benar
    (C) Jika (2) dan (4) yang benar
    (D) Jika hanya (4) yang benar
    (E) Jika semuanya benar


(1) ____________________________. (2) The first requirement is to complete a course in a certified climbing school, where you learn about mountain conditions and safe climbing. (3) Another requirement is to wear special clothing; a helmet and climbing boots to complete your outfit. (4) You must also carry special equipment: iron spikes to hammer into cracks for support and safety and special climbing ropes. (5) In addition, there are also strict climbing rules for mountaineers. (6) Mountaineers sometimes bring their mountain bikes. (7) You can climb alone or in teams of two or more. (8) When you climb in a team, each person is tied around the waist to the same rope to protect a climber who slips from falling. (9) At all times, you must be aware of falling rocks and when you are tired, you need to find a ledge to rest on. (10) Most mountain climbers would agree that mountain climbing has many rewards. (11) The higher you climb, the more beautiful the view is of the valley floor. (12) You can see treetops, lakes, and distant mountains. (13) Above you, the sky and moving clouds are a spectacular sight.

Gunakan Petunjuk A dalam menjawab soal nomor 41 sampai nomor 42.

41. The paragraph should begin with _______.

  1. Mountain climbing is a dangerous sport with special needs and strict climbing rules
  2. Mountain climbing requires not only special clothing but also expensive equipment
  3. There are some requirements that you have to meet before you go climbing
  4. Mountain climbing is risky; yet, many people do it because of the rewards afterwards
  5. Mountain climbing is not a popular sport as it needs rigorous preparation

42. The sentence which is irrelevant to the topic of the paragraph is _______.

  1. sentence 4
  2. sentence 6
  3. sentence 9
  4. sentence 11
  5. sentence 13

By the age of 5, most triplets are on par with their peers in mental and emotional development, but those born at the lowest weights may still lag behind, according to a study published in July 2009. Israeli researchers found that among the 126 singletons, twins and triplets they followed from birth to age 5, triplets generally trailed behind their peers in cognitive development over the first two years of life. By age 5, however, many triplets had bridged the gaps in both IQ and social development, the researchers report in the journal Pediatrics. The exception was triplets who’d been particularly growth-restricted in the womb – those who, at birth, had weighed more than 15 percent less than the sibling with the highest birth weight. At age 5, these children were still developmentally behind both their siblings and peers. Until now, there had been no well-designed studies following the development of triplets over the first few years of life. And the catch-up seen among most triplets in this study is "excellent news," lead researcher Dr. Ruth Feldman, of Bar-Ilan University, told Reuters Health. Parents of triplets, she said, should be aware that their children may be slower to reach developmental milestones in infancy, but most are likely to close that gap during the preschool years. Children who were born substantially smaller than their siblings may not catch up, however. At age 5, the study found, these children typically scored at the lower end of the normal range for intellectual, emotional and social development. For instance, Feldman explained, average verbal IQ was about 95, which, while within normal range, would make it difficult for a child to get through standard schooling. Growth restriction was common among the 21 sets of triplets in the study. In 65 percent, one sibling was born weighing more than 15 percent less than the heaviest sibling. The findings on development point to the importance of giving these children extra attention from infancy onward, according to Feldman. "Knowing that these children respond to parental investment already in the first months of life tells parents to be especially sensitive and responsive to these children," Feldman explained. In addition, she said, the children’s development during infancy and preschool should be continuously monitored, and parents and children should receive extra help when needed – such as interventions to help children regulate their emotions and cultivate social skills, or to improve their attention and concentration abilities. More studies are also needed, the researchers note, to see whether the developmental gaps persist into later childhood and adolescence.

Gunakan Petunjuk A dalam menjawab soal nomor 43 sampai nomor 47.

43. An appropriate title for the text is _______.

  1. Intellectual, Emotional and social development of Triplets
  2. Triplets, Twins, and Singletons: A Comparison Study
  3. Parental Guides to The Development of Babies
  4. The Reason for the Slow Growth of Triplets
  5. The Correlation between Birth-weight and Intellectual Development

44. According to the text, which triplet-baby would most probably be developmentally behind her peers?

  1. Born with less than 1.5 kg in weight
  2. Born weighing 20 percent less than her siblings
  3. Born with heaviest weight
  4. Born weighing 21 percent more than her siblings
  5. Born with lowest weight

45. According to the text, when do triplets typically have the biggest gap in development?

  1. During infancy
  2. When they reach the age of five
  3. After they reach the age of five
  4. During school years
  5. During preschool years

46. The word persist in paragraph 4 can be best replaced by _______.

  1. vanish
  2. elapse
  3. stay
  4. change
  5. maintain

47. The text would most probably be found in _______.

  1. an advertisement of a children health center
  2. an article in a medical journal
  3. an article in a popular science magazine
  4. an article in a Bar-Ilan University publication
  5. a preface of a medical book

One morning in August 1888, Bertha Benz and her two sons, Eugen (15), and Richard (13), woke up early. They got dressed very quietly, ____(48)____ as not to waken the head of the family, Karl Benz. They left a note that said, "We are going to visit Grandma." They crept out to Mr. Benz’s workshop , opened the door, and pushed out a three-wheeled ____(49)____. It was the fruit of Mr. Benz’s long and hard work - the first engine car. Imagine it: a wooden workshop ____(50)____, more similar to a horse carriage than to the cars we have now: no roof, no hood, two wheels in the back but only one wheel in the front, a kind of handle instead of a steering wheel, leather-covered seats, and, the most important part, a 2.5 horsepower single-cylinder four-stroke engine.

The car that Mrs. Benz and her sons rolled out of the workshop had gone through a great deal of development since its registration (no. DRP 37435) two years before, but Mr. Benz felt it needed even more work and ____(51)____. He believed that most people would not trust such a new thing enough to be willing to buy it, and so it seemed to him that the prospects for any success on the market were not good. ____(52)____, his loving and energetic wife believed immensely in his abilities, and was more than certain that the fruit was ripe enough to be picked.

Gunakan Petunjuk A dalam menjawab soal nomor 48 sampai nomor 52.

48. ....

  1. so
  2. still
  3. besides
  4. however
  5. moreover

49. ....

  1. carriage
  2. bicycle
  3. wagon
  4. wheelbarrow
  5. vehicle

50. ....

  1. construct
  2. constructed
  3. constructive
  4. construction
  5. constructively

51. ....

  1. existence
  2. treatment
  3. enjoyment
  4. impression
  5. improvement

52. ....

  1. Thus
  2. Besides
  3. In contrast
  4. Therefore
  5. Furthermore

Gunakan Petunjuk A dalam menjawab soal nomor 53 sampai nomor 60.

53. We recommend _______ information on the internet or official tourism boards before you decide where to go for your holiday.

  1. to search
  2. search
  3. searching
  4. that we search
  5. you searching

54. "The earthquake happening at about 3 o’clock yesterday caused many people to panic."

"Including me, as I _______ on the third-floor of my office at that time."

  1. worked
  2. have worked
  3. have been working
  4. was working
  5. had worked

55. "Did you receive our inquiry? When will we receive your confirmation?"

"My apology. It seems that _______. Could you possibly resend it?"

  1. we mislay your letter
  2. your letter is mislaid
  3. we had mislaid your letter
  4. your letter has been mislaid
  5. your letter was mislaid

56. "Where’s the report, Ben? You told me it would be ready by now. I need it for the board meeting this afternoon."

"Don’t worry, Jim. _______ before the board meeting."

  1. I have it finished
  2. I have had it finished
  3. I will have it finished
  4. The report will finish
  5. The report has finished

57. The person recently elected headmaster of our school is well-qualified, sociable, and _______ to his job.

  1. his dedication is very high
  2. he is highly dedicating
  3. is dedicated highly
  4. having a high dedication
  5. highly dedicated

58. "How do you like your new bedroom?"

"Well, it is too dark. I need _______ a brighter colour."

  1. to have it painted
  2. to be painted
  3. painting it
  4. to have it paint
  5. it to be painted

59. _______, alternative therapies are being accepted by more and more people, even the World Health Organization.

  1. Despite intolerant attitudes of the medical establishment
  2. As the medical establishment has intolerant attitudes
  3. Because of intolerant attitudes of the medical establishment
  4. In case of intolerant attitudes of the medical establishment
  5. Due to intolerant attitudes of the medical establishment

60. "This can’t be the way to Edinburgh."

What does the sentence mean?

  1. The speaker was told that it wasn’t the way to Edinburgh.
  2. The speaker probably knows the other way to Edinburgh.
  3. The speaker doesn’t know the way to Edinburgh.
  4. The speaker thinks that it isn’t the way to Edinburgh.
  5. The speaker claims that it isn’t the way to Edinburgh.

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