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A. Multiple choice questions

Semester gasal
1. A taxonomic change occurs due to :
A. species isolation
B.  population change
C.  manmade isolation
D. natural reproduction isolation
E. natural changes in the environment

2. The morphological characters that were observed in the discussion of diversity included the following except :
A. Leaf shape
B. Leaf width
C. Type of flower

D. Type of pollen
E. Type of roots

3. Analogous organs are organs of different organisms that have the same :
A. Shape
B. Function
C. Colour
D. Structure
E. Size

4. A heterozygous individual for a monohybrid experiment would have a genotype :
B. Aa
C. Aa
D.  AaBb

5. The buttons that were used in the practical represented :
A. Chromosomes
B. Alleles
C. Genes
D. Cells
E. Egg cells

B. Short essay questions 
1. Explain the differences between intra- and inter-species diversity !
2. Why is a classification  method an important factor in biology?
3. Explain how ‘new phenotypes’ (phenotypes different from the original parents) can occur in the F2 of a dihybrid cross ?
4. What is the purpose of stating a hypothesis in an experiment, such as in your final project ?
5. What are controls and variables in an experiment ? Write an example ! (you may give examples from the experiment that you carried out in your group).

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