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  1. Sebelum mengerjakan ujian, periksalah terlebih dulu, jumlah soal dan nomor halaman yang terdapat pada naskah soal. Naskah soal ini terdiri dari 13 halaman. 
  2. Tulislah nomor peserta Anda pada lembar jawaban di tempat yang disediakan. 
  3. Tulislah kode naskah soal ini, pada lembar jawaban di tempat yang disediakan. Kode naskah soal ini: 205
  4. Bacalah dengan cermat setiap petunjuk yang menjelaskan cara menjawab soal. 
  5. Pikirkanlah sebaik-baiknya sebelum menjawab tiap soal, karena setiap jawaban yang salah akan mengakibatkan pengurangan nilai (penilaian: benar +4, kosong 0, salah -1). 
  6. Jawablah lebih dulu soal-soal yang menurut Anda mudah, kemudian lanjutkan dengan menjawab soal-soal yang lebih sukar sehingga semua soal terjawab. 
  7. Tulislah jawaban Anda pada lembar jawaban ujian yang disediakan. 
  8. Untuk keperluan coret-mencoret, harap menggunakan tempat yang kosong pada naskah soal ini dan jangan pernah menggunakan lembar jawaban karena akan mengakibatkan jawaban Anda tidak dapat terbaca. 
  9. Selama ujian, Anda tidak diperkenankan bertanya atau meminta penjelasan mengenai soal-soal yang diujikan kepada siapapun, termasuk kepada pengawas ujian. 
  10. Setelah ujian selesai, Anda diharapkan tetap duduk di tempat Anda sampai pengawas ujian datang ke tempat Anda untuk mengumpulkan lembar jawaban. 
  11. Perhatikan agar lembar jawaban ujian tidak kotor, tidak basah, tidak terlipat, dan tidak sobek.

  • PETUNJUK A: Pilih satu jawaban yang paling tepat. 
  • PETUNJUK B: Soal terdiri dari 3 bagian, yaitu PERNYATAAN, kata SEBAB, dan ALASAN yang disusun berurutan. Pilihlah:
    (A) Jika pernyataan benar, alasan benar, dan keduanya menunjukkan hubungan sebab dan akibat
    (B) Jika pernyataan benar, alasan benar, tetapi keduanya tidak menunjukkan hubungan sebab dan akibat
    (C) Jika pernyataan benar dan alasan salah
    (D) Jika pernyataan salah dan alasan benar
    (E) Jika pernyataan dan alasan keduanya salah 
  • PETUNJUK C: Pilihlah:
    (A) Jika (1), (2), dan (3) yang benar
    (B) Jika (1) dan (3) yang benar
    (C) Jika (2) dan (4) yang benar
    (D) Jika hanya (4) yang benar
    (E) Jika semuanya benar


Humans have been using wind power for at least 5,500 years to propel sailboats, sailing ships, operating windmills, and most recently, generating electricity, though its uses have been limited by the wind’s speed and strength instability. However, a new study by scientists at the Carnegie Institution and California State University compiled the first-ever global survey of wind energy available at high altitudes in the atmosphere. The researchers assessed potential for wind power in terms of wind power density, which takes into account both wind speed and air density at different altitudes in the world’s five largest cities: Tokyo, New York, Sao Paulo, Seoul, and Mexico City. They found that there is a huge amount of energy available in high altitude winds, especially near the jet streams. Jet streams are meandering belts of fast winds at altitudes between 20 and 50,000 feet that shift seasonally, but otherwise are persistent features in the atmosphere. Jet stream winds are generally steadier and 10 times faster than winds near the ground, making them a potentially vast and dependable source of energy. Several technological schemes have been proposed to harvest this energy, including tethered, kite-like wind turbines that would be lofted to the altitude of the jet streams.


Gunakan Petunjuk A dalam menjawab soal nomor 41 sampai nomor 42.

41. The topic of the paragraph is _______.

  1. future uses of wind power
  2. best locations to exploit wind energy source
  3. wind power: a new form of renewable energy
  4. the potential of wind power at high altitude
  5. wind power turbines and generators

42. The sentence that best ends the paragraph is _______

  1. Up to 40 megawatts of electricity could be generated by current designs and transmitted to the ground via the tether.
  2. So, while high-altitude wind may ultimately prove to be a major energy source, it requires substantial infrastructure.
  3. Good selection of a wind turbine site is critical to economic development of wind power.
  4. Meteorologists also use the jet streams as an aid to forecast weather.
  5. Will then wind power tapped by high-flying kites light up our homes?

No one doubts that the words we write or speak are an expression of our inner thoughts and personalities. But beyond the meaningful content of language, a wealth of unique insights into an author’s mind are hidden in the style of a text - in such elements as how often certain words and word categories are used, regardless of context. When people try to present themselves a certain way, they tend to select what they think are appropriate nouns and verbs, but they are unlikely to control their use of articles and pronouns. These small words create the style of a text, which is less subject to conscious manipulation.

Social psychologist James W. Pennebaker of the University of Texas at Austin Pennebaker developed a computer program that analyzes text, called Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC, pronounced “Luke”). The software has been used to examine other speech characteristics as well, tallying up nouns and verbs in hundreds of categories to expose buried patterns.

Most recently, Pennebaker and his colleagues used LIWC to analyze the candidates’ speeches and interviews during last fall’s presidential election. The software counts how many times a speaker or author uses words in specific categories, such as emotion or perception, and words that indicate complex cognitive processes. It also tallies up so-called function words such as pronouns, articles, numerals and conjunctions. Within each of these major categories are subsets: Are there more mentions of sad or happy emotions? Does the speaker prefer "I" and "me" to "us" and "we"?

LIWC answers these quantitative questions; psychologists must then figure out what the numbers mean. Before LIWC was developed in the mid-1990s, years of psychological research in which people counted words by hand established robust connections between word usage and psychological states or character traits.

The political candidates, for example, showed clear differences in their speaking styles. John McCain tended to speak directly and personally to his constituency, using a vocabulary that was both emotionally loaded and impulsive. Barack Obama, in contrast, made frequent use of causal relationships, which indicated more complex thought processes. He also tended to be vaguer than his Republican rival.

Gunakan Petunjuk A dalam menjawab soal nomor 43 sampai nomor 47.

43. An appropriate title for the text is _______.

  1. Linguistic Analysis Program: A New Invention
  2. Psychological Analysis in US Presidents’ Speeches
  3. How the Use of Articles and Pronouns Reveals Our Characters.
  4. What Your Choice of Words Says About Your Personality
  5. Low-level Words That Give Clues to Large-Scale Behavior

44. According to the text, how does LIWC help analyze president candidates’ speeches?

  1. It does the quantitative analysis, which was later used by psychologist.
  2. It helps the psychologist reveal the candidates’ hidden motives.
  3. It makes analysis of nouns and verbs used by the candidates during their speeches.
  4. It counts how many inappropriate words are used by the candidates.
  5. It provides psychological research on the connection of word usage and people’s personality.

45. According to the text, which of the following words would be able to be used to tell about our


  1. Provide
  2. Examination
  3. The
  4. Analysis
  5. Test

46. The word robust in paragraph 3 can be best replaced by _______.

  1. definite
  2. vigorous
  3. frail
  4. strong
  5. slight

47. According to the text, which of the following statements about LIWC is FALSE?

  1. The software cannot detect unconsious use of words.
  2. The software is able to count certain words and analyze the numbers.
  3. By using LIWC, we learn about the characteristics of the US presidential candidates.
  4. LIWC’s result confirms that people’s characters affect their word usage.
  5. The software works on the basis of the psychologists’ analysis design.

Dog agility is a dog sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. Dogs generally run off-leash with no food or toys as incentives. The handler can touch neither dog nor obstacles.____(48)____, the handler’s controls are limited to voice, movement, and various body signals, requiring ____(49)____ training of the animal. In its simplest form, an agility course consists of a set of standard obstacles, laid out by an agility judge in a design of his own choosing on a roughly 100 by 100-foot (30 by 30 m) area, with numbers indicating the order in which the dog must complete the obstacles. Courses are ____(50)____ enough that a dog could not complete them correctly without human direction. In ____(51)____ , the handler must assess the course, decide on handling strategies, and direct the dog through the course, with precision and speed equally important. Many strategies exist to ____(52)____ for the inherent difference in human and dog speeds and the strengths and weaknesses of the various dogs and handlers.

Gunakan Petunjuk A dalam menjawab soal nomor 48 sampai nomor 52.

48. ....

  1. In contrast
  2. Consequently
  3. However
  4. Still
  5. Besides

49. ....

  1. exceptional
  2. exceptionally
  3. excepting
  4. exception
  5. excepted

50. ....

  1. regular
  2. thorny
  3. complicated
  4. straightforward
  5. interesting

51. ....

  1. compete
  2. competitor
  3. competitive
  4. competitively
  5. competition

52. ....

  1. compensate
  2. estimate
  3. appreciate
  4. examine
  5. investigate

Gunakan Petunjuk A dalam menjawab soal nomor 53 sampai nomor 60.

53. "May I be of any assistance, madam?"


  1. I’d love to do this
  2. Mind your own business
  3. There’s nothing you can do
  4. It’s beyond your knowledge
  5. You’re very kind, but I’m just looking

54. "The earthquake happening at about 3 o’clock yesterday caused many people to panic."

"Including me, as I _______ on the third-floor of my office at that time."

  1. worked
  2. have worked
  3. have been working
  4. was working
  5. had worked

55. "Where’s the report, Ben? You told me it would be ready by now. I need it for the board meeting this afternoon."

"Don’t worry, Jim. _______ before the board meeting."

  1. I have it finished
  2. I have had it finished
  3. I will have it finished
  4. The report will finish
  5. The report has finished

56. "Did you receive our inquiry? When will we receive your confirmation?"

"My apology. It seems that _______. Could you possibly resend it?"

  1. we mislay your letter
  2. your letter is mislaid
  3. we had mislaid your letter
  4. your letter has been mislaid
  5. your letter was mislaid

57. This old house is a mess. The owner should _______.

  1. fixing the ceiling
  2. have the ceiling fixed
  3. have fixed the ceiling
  4. get the ceiling fixing
  5. be fixing the ceiling

58. "I heard that Dona was awarded a scholarship to continue her study."

"Oh? That’s great. She _______ very pleased."

  1. will be
  2. could be
  3. might be
  4. must be
  5. needs to be

59. _______ as Het achterhuis in 1947, Anne Frank’s journal was successfully dramatized by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett and presented in New York as The Diary of Anne Frank in 1956.

  1. Originally published in Dutch
  2. Having originally published in Dutch
  3. Having had originally published in Dutch
  4. It was originally published in Dutch
  5. It was published originally in Dutch

60. Had there been a guidance to write the report on our survey of Dengue Fever in several parts of East Java, there would not have been variant styles of reports. From the above sentence, we may conclude that _______.

  1. we agreed to one style only
  2. the guidance had good results
  3. there was no fixed format for the report
  4. the content of our reports was the same
  5. there were differences in the topics of our report

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