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Three different types of planning
Some things that must be understood before engaging in strategic planning
Ten steps to take when doing strategic planning
Items frequently included in a strategic plan
The importance of a clear vision and mission

Clearly Understand What HRD Is, Is Not
The integrated use of training and development, organization development, and career development to improve individual, group, and organization effectiveness.

Knowing The Organizations Culture

  • Product or services provided
  • The legacy that founders have left
  • Persons considered heroes
  • Individuals looked upon as deviants or outcasts
  • Groups carrying the most clout
  • Coalitions having the most power
  • Persons who have sponsored the company stars
  • Organizational slots reserved for heirs
  • Valued rituals and traditions
  • Important symbols, including status symbols
  • Cherished buzz words
  • Dominant themes captured in company’s slogans and icons
  • The norms with respect to job performance and promotions
  • The firm’s taboos
  • Favorite company sport
  • Favorite charitable social “hideouts”
Understand Three Types Of Planning
Understand Three Types Of Planning

Understand The Things HRD Managers Plan For

  • Work of subordinates
  • Staff allocations & utilization
  • Acquisition, maintenance, & utilization of facilities & equipment
  • Learning activities
  • Schedule & delivery of HRD programs
Understand Roadblocks To Strategic
Understand Roadblocks To Strategic
  • Too much emphasis on SP process rather than content
  • Product/service myopia
  • Too much number crunching
  • Unfounded optimism
  • Too much attention given to immediate profits
  • Strategic Planning Steps
  • Identify Current Mission/Role
  • Identify External
  • Identify External Opportunities
  • Identify Department’s
  • Identify Department’s Opportunities
  • Set And Prioritize Goals
  • Establish And Prioritize Objectives For Each Goal
  • Determine Strategies Used For Accomplishing Each Objective
  • Identify And Prioritize Needed Resources
  • Measure And Evaluate Performance
Strategic Plans Include
  • Mission/Role Statement
  • External Strategies For Each Goal
  • Needed Resources In Priority Order
  • Means For Measuring & Evaluating Plan
Why Is A Mission Important?
  • Makes purpose known
  • Helps to stay focused
  • Helps in managing priorities
  • Helps in identifying clients
  • Helps in making SP decisions
  • Helps in establishing a public identity
  • Belk/Leggetts’ Mission
    The mission of Belk and Leggett stores is to be the leader in our markets in selling merchandise that meets customers’ needs for fashion, quality, value and selection, to offer superior customer service, and to make a reasonable profit. 
  • ICB Mang. Dev’s. Mission
    The mission of ICB Management Development is to provide quality training and development to develop required skills and knowledge of key international consumer managers in priority countries in support of the business objectives.
  • Coke’s Human Resource Department’s Mission
    We work in partnership with the Coca-Cola system to enable all associates to achieve excellence, develop their full potential and exceed expectations of customers, consumers, and shareholders. 
  • UNIUM T&D’s Mission 
    -Provide employees with a common foundation and framework needed to operate effectively in today’s business environment.
    -Design and implement training programs that teach critical competencies needed to meet business challenges.
    -Support the divisions in the delivery of corporate training programs within the business units and functions where applicable.
  • Environmental Services’ Mission (student example)
    -The Human Resources Development Department of Environmental Services is dedicated to providing a productive work environment and ensuring continued growth of the company through the following:
    -Quality training for employees, customers, and the community
    -Assistance for employees pursuing educational opportunities
    -Quality developmental programs for fostering employee growth
  • Tying HRD Department’s Mission To Organ’ Bus Plan
    -Create a business-focused mission in collaboration with senior management and communicate it widely throughout the organization.
    -Develop a business-focused, realistic plan to help keep yourself on track.
    -Deliver a first program that meets an important business need in a timely way.


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