Every major industry has used the Web to enhance business practices and create new markets and distribution channels. Providing unique and highly targeted information is a key to developing site traffic

Retailing on the Web
Retail store 
  • Purchases goods from a wholesaler, marks up the price and then offers the products to consumers
  • Online retailers can communicate easily with suppliers, shipping companies and customers 
  • Most Web retailers use the shopping-cart model exclusively
  • Other Web retailers integrate other models such as the auction model or price-comparison model 
  • E-retailers often offer lower prices to generate brand awareness and increase site traffic
  • Consider if short-term losses equal long term success
Medical Services Online
  • The Web gives consumers access to case studies, medical journal articles and doctors who can answer questions
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 
  • Requires medical offices and other healthcare related agencies to perform many of their administrative tasks online
Online Travel
  • Customers now have the power to bypass a travel agent
  • Discounts and low fares available online
  • Name-your-price for tickets, hotels and car rentals
  • “Last minute” fares often lower online

Transportation and Shipping
  • The Internet adds efficiency and convenience to traditional shipping and logistics
  • Load Matching
  • Matching available truck capacity with the shipping needs of many companies that are willing to split the cost of full truckloads
    DHL Direct
 Online Automotive Sites
  • Consumers access automobile information empowering them to make an informed buying decisions
  • Dealers use the Web to showcase vehicles
  • Online auto auctions give buyers more options
Energy Online
  • Energy exchange sites allow energy providers to trade excess energy commodities, buy on auction and sell materials
  • 1000’s of energy commodities are sold online
  • Efficiency increases as supply chains are simplified
Selling Brainpower Online
  • Unused patents and trademarks can be sold online
  • Outsourcing
  • Hiring outside contractors or companies to complete projects and offer consulting
  • Contractors can find projects to match their needs on the Web
    Question Exchange
Online Art Dealers
  • Artists have access to a global audience
  • Web is a new medium for art
  • Virtual galleries give artists a chance to showcase their work
  • Short films are finding new fans online
Online Grocery Stores
  • Grocery shopping on the Web saves time
  • Web delivery services offer door-to-door delivery
  • A strong distribution network is essential to this industry
  • Examples:
  • Webvan

Online Real Estate
  • An online real estate transaction reduces the effort necessary to sell or buy property
  • XML allows postings to be listed in multiple locations
  • Multiple Listing System (MLS)
  • Brokers can post their listings at hundreds of locations with MLS
  • Examples:

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