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1.   X:'When are you going to tell your sister the good news?" 

Y:"When she ............ from her business trip."

  1. returns
  2. is going to return
  3. will be returning
  4. was returning
  5. had returned

Passive voice

2.   Jupiter's four moons .............. through a telescope  by Galileo.

  1. were being first viewed
  1. first viewed
  1. had been first viewed
  1. were first viewed
  1. first being viewed

Conjunction (that/effect)

3.    'What did your father say when you told him you had lost all your money?

'He was so angry ....... he couldn't say anything?

  1. therefore
  2. after
  3. that
  4. when
  5. so

Past participle

4.    After the students had completed the test, they handed in their paper and left the room. We can also say ....... the test, the students handed in their paper and left the room.

  1. Completing
  2. Completed
  3. To have complete
  4. Having  completed
  5. To have completed

Concord (subject + verb)

5.   The increase  in the sales of new cars  ...... not expected  to make traffic jams  worse.

  1. be
  2. being
  3. IS  v
  4. are
  5. to be

Word order

6.    Why is he so happy  today?'

  1. He has been given an increase just  in salary
  1. Just he has been given an increase in salary
  1. He has been just given an increase in  salary
  1. He has been given just an increase in  salary
  1. He has just been given an increase in salary

Causative sentence

7.   We are going on a long trip, so we must             ' 

  1. to have the car checked
  2. have had the car checked
  3. have checked  the car 
  4. have the car checked 
  5. had the car checked

Direct-indirect speech

8.   The foreman said: "Finish your task and do it well"
       lt means _______

  1. the foreman ordered me to finish my task and to do it well
  2. the foreman  asked to finish his task and to do it well 
  3. the foreman asked me to finish my task and do it well
  4. the foreman told me to finish his task and do it well
  5. the foreman told me finish your task and do it well


Andre:" I   like that film very much."
Aziz: "______" I have seen it three times."
  1. lam too
  2. So am I
  3. So do I    ✓
  4. I don't either
  5. Neither do l


10. Father: "What  are you doing, Toni?" 

      Anton: "I'm studying, father."

      Father: "Oh, I  see. You  _____"

  1. should turn on the television
  2. should turn off the television  '
  3. would rather turn on the television 
  4. would rather put out the television 
  5. should break the television


11. Miko preferred sandwich  ____ .

  1. or rice better
  2. than rice
  3. to having rice 
  4. rather to rice 
  5. to rice

Degree of comparison

12.  '·Which dress shall  I wear?'

'I think the blue dress  is the green one.' 

  1. very beautiful
  2. more beautifully from
  3. more beautiful  than
  4. much beautifully than
  5. more beautifully  than


13.  'He's already  read the letter,  .............?

  1. hasn't he
  2. isn't he
  3. doesn't he
  4. is he
  5. has he


14. The children  seemed  to be   ........  in watching  the program.

  1. interesting
  2. interest  V
  3. interestingly
  4. interestedly
  5. interested


15.  'My car is  broken. ...... me downtown on your way to work this morning?

'Not at all.

  1. May you take
  2. Do you mind taking 
  3. Why don't you take 
  4. Can't you take
  5. Do you think you can take

Passive voice (passive modal)

16. ·There's letter stating that Darius has to leave for the U.S next week'

'Well, he ______ the news right away then.' 

  1. should tel 1
  2. should be told
  3. should be telling
  4. should have told
  5. should be telling it

Conditional sentence

17.  Ferry: "Why don't you try to find a job in factory?"
                 "With the money you earn, you can buy things you need."

Aldi:    "If]worked in a factory, I wouldn't have much time to study." 

What does the underlined sentence mean?

  1. Aldi works hard in a factory.
  2. Ferry allows Aldi to work in a factory.
  3. Aldi doesn't work in a factory.  ./
  4. Aldi worked in factory.
  5. Aldi didn't work in a factory.


18.  'Did you get a compensation  for your car?

'No, I didn't. If only  ." 

  1. I had insured i
  2. I should insure it
  3. I have insured it <y
  4. I wouldn't insure it
  5. I would insure it


19. Linda is considered __ to the deep.

  1. not to go 
  2. not go to 
  3. not go 
  4. not goes 
  5. not going

Present participle

20. A few days after the interview, 1  received a letter           me a job.

  1. offered
  2. has offered
  3. being offered
  4. offering
  5. it was offering


21. Smoking can be the cause of many illnesses and respiratory disorders; , it may harm non-smokers.

  1. in addition
  2. however
  3. consequently 
  4. nevertheless 
  5. otherwise

Dependent clause,  noun clause as object

22. I didn't hear ___ because there was too much noise when I was sitting.

  1. what said
  2. what did he say
  3. what he said
  4. what was he saying
  5. what was saying


23. As soon as the news of the killing of the innocent prisoner spread out, people ran through the streets, breaking windows, setting fire to cars, and   _____ 

  1. the destruction was on everything in their path
  2. destroying everything in their path
  3. the destroying of everything was in their path
  4. everything in their path was in destruction
  5. everything in their path was destroyed

Direct-indirect speech

24. Teacher: "Why was Irena absent yesterday?"

Indah:   "What  did the teacher want to know, Ayu?" 

Ayu:    ·She wanted  to know ____

  1. if Irena was absent
  2. why  Irena had been absent
  3. why was Irena absent
  4. that Irena had been absent
  5. why Irena was absent


25. Sue:     "I didn't enjoy the movie last night."

Bob:     "Neither did I"

From the dialogue we know that           .

  1. Bob enjoyed the movie last night but Sue didn't
  2. not only Sue but also Bob enjoyed the movie last night
  3. both Sue and Bob didn't enjoy the movie last night
  4. Bob enjoyed the movie last night, and so did Sue
  5. either Sue and Bob enjoyed the movie last night

Degree of comparison

26. My English teacher always says that the more we practice our English           .

A.  then we become more fluent

B.  of course we become more fluent

C.   we are becoming more fluent

D.   the more fluent we become

E.   so we will become fluent


27.  Anti-nutrients appear to be Jinked to such things as traffic pollution. antibiotics, deep fied food, processed meat and the of plastic and other chemicals in water.

A.  present

B.   presence

C.   presentation

D.   presently

E.   presentable


28.'We are running out of fruits, while Fifi needs some this morning as she is on a diet.'

'You  _____ to the neighboring fruit stall, then!'

A.   could hurry

B.   would rather hurry

C.   may hurry  v

D.  had better hurry

E.   might hurry

Tenses  (Future Perfect  Continuous)

29.  '·Can we postpone  the class meeting  until  Friday?'

Im afraid  not.I ____ basketball on Friday.' 

A.   will have been playing

B.   would play

C.   have been playing  ✓

D.   always play

E.   played

Conditional  Sentence  (type  Ill)

30. Had he handed in the application, he ____ last week.

A.  was allowed to join the interview test

B.   will have been allowed to join me interview test

C.   would be allowed to join me interview test

D.  was being allowed to join the interview test

E.   would  have been allowed to join me interview test

Subjunctive (sub type II)

31. She went to the blackboard as if she knew how to solve the problem.

The underlined words  mean

A.   she ought to know how to solve the problem

B.   she actually couldn't solve the problem v

C.   she definitely knew how to solve the problem

D.  she should know how to solve the problem

E.   she succeeded in solving the problem lnfinitive and Gerund (Gerund  Passive)

32. Many people in Sidoarjo are looking forward to _____a good solution to the mud problem.

A.   witness

B.   witnessed

C.   be witnessing

D.   being witnessed

E.   have witnessed

Dependent Clause  (noun  clause  as subject)

33.  ________is big surprise  to his colleagues.

A. Wijaya has been promoted to replace the retired Financial Manager

B. That Wijaya has been promoted to replace the retired Financial Manager

C. I hear Wijaya has been promoted to replace the retired Financial Manager

D. Do you know Wijaya has been promoted to replace the retired Financial Manager

E. Why was Wijaya promoted to replace the retired Financial Manager

Word Order (Complex Sentence)

34. Ever since the information technology revolution of the late 1980's,of personal computers and the microchip, the company, from the managing director down to the man in the mailroom, has been striving for a constant policy of excellence.

A. occasional use

B. occasionally in the use

C. occasions, and the use of

D. occasioned by the use

E. occasionally used

Causative Sentence (something)

35. ·Now that she has grown up, my niece has her old dresses lengthened.' This means that ----

A. my niece has lengthened her old dresses. V

B. my niece has been asked by someone to lengthen her old dresses.

C. my niece has to lengthen her old dresses.

D. my niece has been told to lengthen her old dresses.

E. my niece asks someone to lengthen her old dresses.

Direct-Indirect Speech (Ind-Dir)

36. Julia asked me if I   had come to the party the day before.

In other words: Julia said, ".

A.   Did you come to the party the day before?

B.  Do you come to the party this evening?

C.   Did you come to the party yesterday? 

D.   Do you come to the party tomorrow? 

E.   Do you come to the party yesterday?

Modal  (non verb)

37.  'I called him several times yesterday but there was no answer.'

'He_____out of town. 

A.  might have been V 

B.   would rather so

C.   shouId have been

D.   had better be

E.  would have been

Preference  (would rather)

38.  Simon: "What would you rather do in the morning, walking or running?" 

Joko: "Id rather walk than run."

From   the dialogue above, we know that _

A.   Joko prefers to run

B.  Joko hates running

C.   Joko likes running better than walking

D.  Joko doesn't like walking

E.   Joko prefers walking to running

Embedded question

39. Shiren:"______"

Saskia:For almost five years."

A.   When did you study English?

B.   How many years will you study English?

C.   How long have you studied English? 

D.   When will you study English?

E.   When do you study English?


40. The bus came after I for about twenty minutes.

A.  have been waiting

B.   have waited

C.   was waiting

D.  had been waiting

E.   am waiting

SECTION 2VOCABULARY (56-65Direction:

In question 56-65 each sentence has an underlined word or phrase. Below each sentence are five other words or phrases, marked A, B, C, D, E. You are to choose the one word or phrase that keeps the meaning of the original sentences if it substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.

41. A democratic leader delegates authority and responsibility to others.

A.  disputes

B.   concentrates

C.   directs

D.  delivers

E.   disseminates

42. Imagine the advertiser's chagrin when he realized that he had put the wrong date in the ad.

A.   humiliation

B.   indifference

C.   surprise

D.   anger

E.   annoy

43. Prabu felt confident about  his grade on the test he had just taken.

A.   depressed

B.   sure

C.   ecstatic

D.   uncertain V

E.   timid

44.  When it comes to buying clothes, Herman is impetuous.

A. illustrious

B. immune 

C. impolite 

D.   implicit

E.   impulsive

45. Mathematics is a compulsory subject in Indonesian high schools

A.   difficult  "

B.   easy

C. required 

D. despised 

E.   optional

46.  Volunteer firefighters valiantly tried to extinguish the raging forest fire.

A.   wretched 

B.   sluggish 

C.   intense

D.   riling

E.   moderate

47. There is a campaign against those hunters who mercilessly slaughter baby seals.

A.   net

B.  capture

C.   kill

D.  skin

E.   nurture

48. The speaker walked confidently and quickly to the podium.

A. assuredly 

B.   carefully 

C.  clumsily

D.   thoughtfully

E.   oddly

49. As we approached the pyramids, a massive stone sphinx greeted us at the entrance.

A. terrifying 

B. inspiring 

C.   immense

D.   magnificent

E.   tiny

50. The gas company detected a leak in the main line and evacuated all the tenants  of the


A.  discovered

B.  smelled

C.  expected

D.   predictedv

E.  suspected


Questions 66-70 refer to the following passage:

In 776 B.C, the first Olympic Games were held at the foot of Mount Olympus to honor the Greeks' chief god, Zeus. The Greeks emphasized physical fitness and strength in their education of youth. Therefore, contests in running, jumping, discus and javelin throwing, boxing, and horse and chariot racing were held in individual cities, and the winners competed every four years at Mount Olympus. Winners were greatly honored by having olive wreaths placed on their heads and having poems sung about their deeds. Originally these were held at games of friendship, and any wars in progress were halted to allow the games to take place.

The Greeks attached so much importance to these games that they calculated time in four-year cycles called "Olympiads" dating from 776 B.C.

51. Which of the following is notrue?

A.    Winners placed olive wreaths on their own heads.

B.    The games were held in Greece every four years.

C.   Battles were interrupted to participate in the games.

D.   Poems glorified the winners in song.

E.    The games were conducted as games of friendship.

52.  Why were the Olympic Games held?

A.  To stop wars. ✓

B.   To honor Zeus.

C.   To crown  the best athletes.

D.  To sing songs  about the athletes.

E.   To educate  young  people.

53. Approximately how many years ago did these games originate?

A.   776 years B.    1235 years C.   2277 years D.  2767 years E.   2787 years

54.  Which of the following  contests  was not mentioned?

A.  Discus  throwing

B.   Boxing   v

C.   Skating

D.   Runningv

E.   Horse  racing  J

55. What conclusion  can we draw about the ancient  Greeks?

A.  They  liked to fight.

B.   They were  very athletic.

C.   They  liked a lot of ceremony.

D.   They couldn't count,  so they used "Olympiads" for dates.

E.   They liked to be honored.

Questions  71-75 refer tthe followinpassage.:

Petroleum products, such as gasoline, kerosene, home heating oil, residual fuel oil, and lubricating oils, come from one source - crude oil found below the earth's surface, as well as under large bodies of water, from a few hundred feet below the surface to as deep as 25,000 feet into the earth's interior. Sometimes crude oils is secured by drilling a hole through the earth, but more dry holes are drilled than those producing oil. Pressure at the source or pumping forces crude oil to the surfaces.

Crude oil wells flow at varying rates, from ten thousands of barrels per hour. Petroleum products are always measured in 42-gallon barrels.

Petroleum products vary greatly in physical appearance: thin, thick, transparent or opaque, but regardless, their chemical composition is made up of only two elements: carbon and hydrogen, which form compounds called hydrocarbons. Other chemical elements found in union with the hydrocarbons are few and are classified as impurities. Trace elements are also found, but these are of such minute quantities that they are disregarded. The combination of carbon and hydrogen forms many thousands of compounds which are possible because of the various positions and joining of these two atoms in the hydrocarbon molecule.

The various petroleum products are refined from the crude oil by heating and condensing the vapors. These products are the so-called light oils, such as gasoline, kerosene, and distillate oil. The residue remaining after the light oils are distilled is known as heavy or residual fuel oils and is used mostly for burning under boilers. Additional complicated refining processes rearrange the chemical structure of the hydrocarbons to products, some of which are used to upgrade and increase the octane rating of various types of gasoline.

56.  Which of the following is notrue?

A.  Crude  oil  is found below land and water.

B.  Crude  oil is always  found a few hundred  feet below the surface.

C.   Pumping and pressure  force crude oil to the surface.

D.   A variety of petroleum products  is obtained from crude oil. 

E.   A residual fuel oil  is used mostly for burning under boilers.

57. Many  thousands of hydrocarbon compounds are possible  because -' 

A.   The petroleum  products vary greatly  in physical  appearance

B.   Complicated refining process  rearrange the chemical structure

C.   The two atoms  in the molecule assume  many positions  vV

D.  The pressure needed to force it to the surface causes  molecular transformation

E.   Some  of which are used to increase the octane  of the gasoline

58.  Which of the following is true?

A.  The various petroleum products are produces by filtration. 

B.   Heating and condensation  produce the various products.

C.   Chemical separation is used to produce the various products.

D.   Mechanical  means such as the centrifuge are used to produce the various products. 

E.   Chemical  elements found in union with the hydrocarbon are abundant.

59.  How is crude oil brought to the surface?

A.   Expansion of the hydrocarbons

B.   Pressure and pumping

C.   Vacuum created in the drilling pipe

D.   Expansion and contraction of the earth's surface

E.   By drilling and flowing

60.  Which of the following is not listed as light oil?

A.   Distillate oil   B.  Gasoline   C.   Lubricating oil D.   Kerosene   E.   Heating oil

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