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 Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas                  : IV ( Empat )
Hari / Tanggal    : Kamis, 25 Maret 201x
Pukul                  : 10.00 – 11.30

Read This Following text carefully !
Mr. Rudi’s family
Mr. Wahidin is Mrs. Ruanah’s husband. Mr. Wahidin and Mrs. Ruanah have two children, they are Very and Verra. Verry has a wife namely Sandra. The Very’s have two children. They are Inem and Dudung. They are Mr. and Mrs. Wahidin’s grandchildren.
Verra get married to Rudi. The Rudi’s have one son, he is Haykal, so Haykal is Mr. Rudi’s and Mrs. Vera’s son. Very is Haykal’s uncle and Sandra is Haykal’s aunt.
Inem and Dudung are Haykal’s cousins. Inem is Rudi’s niece and Dudung is Verra’s nephew.

I .  Answers these following questions based on text above !
  1. What is the title ( judul ) of the text above ?
  2. Who is Haykal ?
  3. How many people in Mr. Rudi’s family ?
  4. Who is Mrs. Verra’s husband ?
  5. What should Dudung calls to Mr. Rudi ?
II. Choose the right answers by crossing (X) A, B, C or D !
1.Haykal is Mr. Rudi’s  . . . .
A. son                          B. daughter                 C. uncle                                   D. aunt

2.The opposite (lawan kata) of diligent (rajin) is .  .  . .
      A. hungry                    B. lazy                         C. smart                                   D. thirsty
3.He is Mr. Rudi, he will . . . English lesson at 2nd Sukamandi Elementary school.
      A. sad                          B. smart                       C. teach                                   D. happy

4. They celebrating a birthday party, they feel  . . . . (gembira).        
                                         A. sad                           B. sick                                                                                                                  C. angry                       D. happy

5.Mrs. Verra is  . . .  (cantik), she is not ugly.
A. pretty                      B. handsome               C. smart                                   D. tall

6.Fitri is . . .  of seeing her sour face.
         A. snub                        B. tired                                    C. short                                   D. fat

7.. . . .                       Mother buys some  . . .  at a grocery.
                                             A. shrimps                   B. chickens                                                                                                               C. fishes                      D. catsup

8.                                    Mr. Rudi is lying on a bed. He is  . . . (sakit) now.
                                             A. pointed nose           B. smart                                                                                                                    C. happy                      D. sick

9.Mother             : “What do you want to eat, honey ?”
Child               : “I want a bowl of  . . .  (mie) momy. “
A. noodle                    B. chicken                   C. fish                                     D. bread
10.                                    This is a picture of  . . . . (es krim).
                                             A. potato                     B. ice cream                                                                                                             C. noodle                    D. fried rice

11.Mr. Rudi and his son  . . . (pergi) to a grocery last Sunday.
         A. come                       B. visit                         C. go                                       D. arrive

12.“Where are you . . . mother ?” asks the child.
         A. does                        B. doing                      C. goes                                    D. going
13.                                    I need a  . . .  (kecap) for my fried noodle.
                                             A. soy sauce                B. shrimp paste                                                                                                        C. tea                           D. wheat flour

14.They  . . . (membeli) some groceries at Pamanukan Trade Centre.
         A. sell                          B. buy                         C. go                           D. goes
15.                                     Storekeeper     : “Can I help you sir?”
Mr. Rudi         : “I need a kilogram of  . . . . (udang) “
A. fishes                      B. chicken                                                                               C. shrimp                     D. sweet breads

III. Fill in he blank with the right answers !

1.Mr. Cecep has a snub nose but Mr. Rudi has a (hidung mancung) . . . .
2.Aldi come to disturb Haykal, so he feels (marah) . . . .
3.               Mr. Rudi usually has breakfast with (nasi goreng) . . . .
4.Haykal gets a gifts from his father, he feels (gembira) . . . .
5.The opposite of fat (gemuk) is (kurus) . . . .   
6.They usually eat sweet bread with (susu)  .  .  .  for breakfast.
7.I feel (lapar)  .  .  .  so I want something to eat.
8.Mr. Sarmento is an (ramah) . . . person.
9.               Playing football make them (haus) . . . .

10.Banana’s kolak (kolak pisang) usually pouring some (santan) . . . .

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