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Key issues:

Strategic management and objective setting;
The strategic process
Internal analysis
External analysis
Competitive strategies for e-business

The chapter begins by defining what strategic management is and highlights the key elements of objective setting for organization in an e-business environment

Strategic management and objective setting

Manajemen strategis membahas tentang menentukan upaya dan tujuan organisasi, memilih langkah yang paling tepat untuk mencapai tujuan itu, dan mencapai tujuan dalam periode waktu tertentu
“Chandler (1962) menggambarkan strategi sebagai 'penentuan tujuan jangka panjang dan tujuan dasar perusahaan, dan adopsi tindakan dan alokasi sumber daya yang diperlukan untuk mencapai tujuan tujuan yang di tetapkan”
Chandler’s strategy definition

  • The mission statement: communicates the overriding purpose of the organization.
  • The vision: managers have to be able to communicate a vision of what the organization is all about and where it wants to be in the future; it describes the aspirations of the organization
  • Objectives: communicates the specific outcomes that need to be achieved such as sales, turnover, market share, rates of growth, etc.

In an e-business context the vision of organizations will be determined by how managers view the future of the industry

  • The vision of an e-business organization must reflect the ability of managers to position the organization to exploit opportunities in the marketplace, in technology utilization and through building relationships with partners and customers.
  • The vision should also stem from the organization's ability to influence the structure of the industry, either through building market share, embracing change and being  innovative, or by seeking industry leadership in technology, management skills, marketing or any other key element-driving industry structure.

The market domination of a few globally recognised brands in providing products and services online;

  • The rate of growth in demand for online products and services;
  • The emergence of a dominant marketplace for e-business and e-commerce;
  • The impact of increasing regulation in the online industry;
  • The changes in the technological environment;
  • New opportunities and threats in the e-business environment

The strategic process

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